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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Palestine & Venezuela
Specialists In Human Torture

Clearly, the objective here:

is the absolute submission of Palestinians (and Venezuelans, and Iraqis, and Libyans, and Afghans, and Syrians, and Yemenis—and maybe Lebanese, Iranians, North and South Koreans, Chinese and Russians?) to the greed, lust for power, and the economic and foreign policy goals of the “king of the South” United States and its allies....

All specialists in human torture...

And pre-emptively imposed for the purpose of ‘encouraging’ absolute submission to the “Deal of the Century”‘Peace Plan’ of the “Anti-Christ”/“Dajjal” Jared Kushner and the establishment of a “New World Order”

And the beatings will continue until morale improves.”

Michael Joseph Cecil (Chapter 12, verse 1 of the Book of Daniel, Sura 2, verses 97-98 & 285 of the Quran, Column XVII of the Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light & Chapter 3, verse 12 of the Revelation of John) and:

Sarah-->Elijah-->Daniel-->John the Baptist-->Mohammed-->Elizabeth Anne Cecil (Chapter 12, verse 13 of the Book of Daniel and Chapter 11, verse 14 & Chapter 17, verses 10-13 of the Gospel of Matthew(1987) (7th Church) for:

Hagar-->the apostle Mary-->Danielle (1982-1987) (6th Church)

Isaac-->the apostle John-->Robin (1986) (4th Church)

Ishmael-->the apostle Peter-->Cindy (1992) (5th Church)

Jacob-->the apostle Thomas-->Linda (1987- (2nd Church)

Esau-->the apostle, Judas-->Susan (1970) (1st Church)

Isaiah’s wife-->the apostle James-->Kimberly (2000-  (3rd 

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