Friday, April 18, 2014

37 Years Ago

Incredibly (to me), it was on April 18, 1977 that  I sent my first letters by certified mail (return receipts requested and received) to Theodore Hesburgh, President, and David Burrell, Chairman of the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame; explaining not the Prophecies, but some of the Revelations I had received up until that time with regards to the Revelation of John. And, several weeks later, I received a reply from Theodore Hesburgh stating that he was 'sharing the information'—amidst cynical laughter, no doubt—with James Burtchaell, university provost.

Over the summer of 1977, then, I visited Burtchaell's office in the administration building at Notre Dame maybe six or seven times, but he 'never had the time' to meet with me. (He was removed as university provost several weeks later on an unrelated matter.)

From April of 1977, until early 1980—at which time, because of the Prophecy of August, 1979, my focus shifted to writing letters to the editor of the Jerusalem Post (and with similar results)—I sent, at irregular intervals, a total of maybe 10 or12 letters each to Hesburgh and Burrell, all by certified mail (return receipts requested and received), explaining in increasing detail both the Revelations and the Prophecies I had received up until that time—Prophecies involving the loss of millions of lives in the United States.

Thus, when my challenge to debate the theologians at Notre Dame on the Doctrine of “the resurrection” appeared in The Observer in March of 1978, the Theology Department at Notre Dame had my address should they have wanted to respond in any way.

But, other than the reply sent by Hesburgh in mid 1977, I never heard from Notre Dame again.

[In 1987, however, Richard McBrien, who was then the Chairman of the Department of Theology, did find the time to respond to a letter written by my fiancé; never answering the questions she asked, but whining something to the effect that 'someone who doesn't even use a last name should not be taken seriously...'

really. What was Moses' last name, or Isaiah's, or Jeremiah's, or Ezekiel's, or Daniel's?)

He must not have been paying attention. My last name was used in the letter to The Observer when I challenged the theologians at Notre Dame and St. Mary's to debate the Doctrine of “the resurrection”; but I usually do not use my last name because of the relentless accusations by the media and religious officials that I am merely 'seeking personal publicity'.

In any case, I have always believed that, if any of the theologians I contacted at Notre Dame would have been willing to listen to me for, oh I don't know, even so much as three hours—seeing that this is Good Friday, after all—at any time over the past 37 years, I would have been able to convince them that I am telling the Truth (which may very well have resulted in even a slight reduction in the loss of lives to religious violence in the Middle East that has occurred over this same period of time)...

Something that seems to be suggested by the fact that, rather than engaging me in a debate about the Revelations on this website, they have chosen, instead, to block Internet access to this Knowledge at Notre Dame, St. Mary's College and Holy Cross College...

As if this Knowledge actually constitutes a real threat to their economic interests.

Which, of course, it does.

But, apparently, the loss of millions of human lives is 'trumped' by those economic interests.

That is even more incredible than the fact that I first contacted them 37 years ago.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time Is Blood

Who knows how many millions of people were slaughtered, tortured, or lived lives of unspeakable but completely unnecessary violence, suffering and trauma over the past 38 years that the agents of the “dragon”-media, “the beast” politicians and the “false prophet” monotheistic religious officials determinedly, relentlessly and viciously ignored, censored, denied and contradicted the Revelations and Prophecies that I sent them?

I sure don't.

Earlier today, I faxed to the offices of the Jerusalem Post a proposal not only that this military violence finally be brought to an end; but, also, that the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious officials stop teaching the fundamental doctrine upon which is based a plethora of other doctrines by which that violence is both motivated and 'justified'.

Something that I consider to be quite reasonable.

But, despite the not-yet-resolved, if not continually deteriorating situation in Ukraine, and the continuing slaughter in Syria and other countries throughout the Middle East, I consider it highly unlikely that the dozens of religious officials and the few media officials to whom I have faxed that proposal will respond any differently than any other religious or media official I have contacted over the past 38 years.

Clearly, this civilization prefers bloodshed to the Truth...

Or the Revelations and Prophecies I have received would have been published by the media and religious officials years ago.

But now, with every day that passes—with every hour that passes—steps are being taken, many of them behind the scene, which will only increase the bloodshed and suffering of the Prophesied “time of trouble”...

Bloodshed and suffering which will be a direct consequence of the length of time over which the Truths on this website have been ignored by those who have been informed of those Truths.

It has been said for quite some time that “time is money”.

With regards to the censorship of the Truth by the Satanist media, political and religious officials I have contacted, however...

It is much more accurate to say that “time is blood”.


“...The Chill and the Rattle of Death...”

“A voice from the fortress of the king of the South said 'Peace, Peace'; but the voice had within it the chill and the rattle of death...”

From the Prophecy of August, 1979

This is what is called 'peace' on this wretched planet:

Any delusion concocted by “the beast” politicians short of unbridled human sacrifice to the 'god of the dead'...

The 'god' worshiped by the witless Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious officials and their nitwit followers...

Or the politicians wouldn't be able to get away with it.

(Ever hear the phrase “by their fruits you will know them”?)

John Kerry—not surprisingly (Chapter 16, verse 13 of the Revelation of John) with a 'frog in his throat' (water won't help you, John)—is completely unaware of the fact that Truth is in the process of actively being exterminated from the face of the earth by the “false prophet” religious officials.

So, he will frantically keep trying to apply a band aid to a melanoma—reminiscent, by the way, of Chapter 6, verse 14 of the Book of Jeremiah: “They have healed the wound of my people lightly, saying 'Peace, peace', when there is no Peace”; but, in the end, he will claim that he is 'not responsible'; just like he is not responsible for what happens after the failure of the Middle East dead-man-walking 'peace process'...

Never mind.


An English and a Hebrew translation of “We're Calling For An Easter Cease Fire” was successfully faxed to the offices of the Jerusalem Post:


An English and a Hebrew translation of “We're Calling For An Easter Cease Fire” was successfully faxed to the Press and Information Office of the Jerusalem Patriarchate:


* The Ministry of the Islamic Waqf at the Palestinian Authority:

apparently does not have a fax number.
Another Failed Attempt

The fax number of the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land:

does not work either.

Faxes to Vatican Radio
and the Chief Rabbinate*

A Spanish (by Google) translation of the following note—“We're Calling For An Easter Cease Fire—was faxed successfully several hours ago to Vatican Radio at: 39 06 6988 3237

An attempt was made to fax a Hebrew (by Google) translation of that writing to the fax number advertised on the website of the Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem:;

but it was unsuccessful.

Since I could not find a fax number for Al-Azhar University in Cairo, I sent a link to that writing to the e-mail address of Al-Azhar University under the title of Achieving Peace in the Middle East After the Death of the 'Peace Process'”.


* An attempt was made to fax this message to the Chief Rabbi in London. It was unsuccessful. So, it would seem that the rabbis do not even tell the Truth about their fax numbers.