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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Just To Be Clear, Secretary Mattis

The United States “dragon” media, “beast” political system and “false prophet” monotheistic religious establishment have unambiguously demonstrated over the past 42 years that they are absolutely uninterested in destroying the metaphysical doctrines of Islamic terrorist theology/ideology with the Truth:

Instead, they have determinedly decided to respond with unrelenting violence; resulting in the blood sacrifice of (and an immigrant crisis involving) how many millions of people across the Middle East (and Europe)?

In other words, any “moral authority” which appears to be lacking on the part of the United States has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin; but is, instead, a direct consequence of the decisions made by, in particular, the monotheistic religious officials; that is, those who are chiefly responsible for preserving our belief in what you refer to as “our ideals”; but who, instead, have become nothing more than the “second beast that is servant to the first beast” (Revelations 13:12):



Monday, June 18, 2018

Terminate My Account, Twitter.

Tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good is a phone call if youre unable to speak?”

Agent Smith in The Matrix.
(Agent Smith symbolizes the “dragon” media; while the other two agents symbolize the “first beast” political establishment and the “second beast” monotheistic religious establishment—Revelations 13:12)

Over the past 42 years, in an effort to at least diminish the horrific loss of life from the Vision that I received of the coming “time of trouble” in January, 1975 (in other words, before perhaps most of the snowflakes working at Twitter were even born), I have opposed the “dragon” media—that is, the mainstream and the ‘alternative’ media in the United States—with the Revelations and Prophecies I have received.

And, now, I am faced with the constant threat that my Twitter account will be terminated as a direct result of these efforts—to save human lives.


So, let’s be clear, snowflakes.

I will NOT kiss your ass.

If you want to terminate my account—it’s really pointless to keep locking it every 12 hours or so—go ahead.

Under the rubric of “My people perish for lack of Knowledge”, you will then assume a direct responsibility for the loss of life during the coming “time of trouble”...

But, certainly, a responsibility no less than the responsibility that is presently being assumed by Matt Drudge, Steven DeNoon, Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, etc.

But I will
NOT pretend that you are NOT a minion of Satan.:


Just So You Know:
Twitter Is the “Dragon” Media

My Twitter account has been locked 5 times over approximately the past week in an attempt to prevent people from reading the Revelations of Truth and the Prophecies on this website (all of which, unlike the merely conservative political perspective, have been written specifically for the purpose of preserving human life); something that is, whether you believe it or not, orders of magnitude worse than its censorship of merely the conservative political perspective.

In other words, Twitter is determined to protect the economic interests of the “second beast” Monotheism, Inc. (Revelations 13:12), which is the “servant” of the “first beast” political establishment, whatever the cost:


Twitter is one of the components of the “dragon” media and, literally, just another of the minions of Satan:

Translation: The administrators of Twitter have joined forces with the mainstream media, the ‘alternative media (like Alex Jones) and YouTube in their determination to exterminate humanity during the coming “time of trouble” Prophesied by Daniel.

They may very well succeed.


These Are the Walls & Bars
of The Matrix “Prison Planet”

Do you see what happened there?


Do you see what happened there?

It happened right in front of your eyes.

Briefly, the dualistic consciousness merely—and so predictably—churned out yet another iteration of its fundamental template.

What the media will not tell you, of course, is that the dualistic consciousness has a fundamental template: On the one hand, it categorically denies the Truth (or reality); and, on the other hand, it concocts an ignorant and trivial substitute for the Truth (or reality).

(In a previous iteration of this template, for example, the Sadducees categorically denied the Revelation and Doctrine of “the resurrection”, while the Pharisees concocted an ignorant and trivial, ‘god of the dead’, “synagogue of Satan” doctrine of “the resurrection” as a substitute for the Teaching of Jesus that “the resurrection” is a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’, based upon the Revelation of the memories of previous lives—Chapter 20, verse 36 of the Gospel of Luke.)

In this particular case, then, the “beast” political establishment in Great Britain ordered the “dragon” media not to publicize anything about the arrest of Tommy Robinson (this censorship corresponds to the denial of reality); whereupon the ‘alternative’ media, mostly in the United States, then chimed in by saying that the fundamental issue here is “freedom of speech”; which is an ignorant and trivial substitute for the reality: that the fundamental issue here is not “freedom of speech” at all; but, rather, the censorship of Truth both outside and inside of the prison walls. In other words, the apparent willingness of the British prison administrators to perform, within the prison walls, precisely the same function that the “dragon” media performs outside of the prison walls; that is, censorship of the Truth.

And all indications are that this fundamental template of the dualistic consciousness will continue to be successful in its absolute control over this narrative; and that, once Tommy Robinsons safety has been assured behind the prison walls, the next item on the agenda will be Tommy Robinsons release from prison...

And, then—it would not surprise me—the election of Tommy Robinson as a member of Parliament.

In other words, anything to distract from the reality: that the origin of Islamic terrorism outside of the prison walls is both the lies of the “second beast” (Revelations 13:12) monotheistic religious establishment and the censorship of Truth by the “dragon” media; whereas the “first beast”  (Revelations 13:12) administrators of the British prison system are directly responsible for the preservation of Islamic terrorism within the prison walls because of their censorship of the Truth.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Idiot Alex Jones:
A Champion of Misdirection

Alex Jones, just another minion of Satan:

insists that the arrest of Tommy Robinson in Great Britain is a “free speech” issue.

And this, of course, is the NONSENSE that the ‘alternative’ “dragon” media is going to run with.

(And, not coincidentally, they are paid millions of dollars for performing this, and other, misdirections.)


The issue here is NOT Tommy Robinson; who, by the way, is a Zionist (interesting, huh?)

The issue here is that NO efforts are being made to rehabilitate the Islamic terrorists in prisonrehabilitation purportedly being the purpose of prison.

The issue here is that, while the “dragon” ‘alternative’ media—including Alex Jones—prevents the Truth from being known outside of the prison walls, the administrators of the British prison system itself prevent the Truth from being heard inside the prison walls:

[click and drag with your mouse to reveal the text]

And the “dragon” ‘alternative’ medias absolute disregard of this fact clearly demonstrates the degree to which the “dragon” ‘alternative’ media is “in league with Satan”.


Satan To His Media Minions

From: the Great Dragon, the Primeval Serpent, the Devil and Satan (d.b.a. the “dragon” media)

To: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, Rachel Maddow, Matt Drudge, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, etc. etc. etc. and all My media minions

Re: Keep Up the ‘Good’ Work. We’re Almost There.

Not-So-Dear-To-Me (to be perfectly honest—hahaha) Minions ,

I note with extreme satisfaction your most recent paintings for decorating the walls of the prison we have created.

They are far more beautiful representations of reality than even I could have ever envisioned. (And, as I need not remind you, I am Omniscient.)

For which, of course, you have been paid, collectively, tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

Just like I promised you.

And I always keep My promises.

(Well, some times.)

Just a quick note to let you know that it won’t be long now—unless I am lying, of course (hahahaha)—til the greatest blood sacrifice in the history of human civilization; as the military forces of the “king of the South”, the “king of the North” and the “kings of the East” gather for the great ‘celebration’.

But, to be perfectly honest, I never really believed that Me (Have you ever heard people say “To hell with grammar”? Well, there you go.) and you could accomplish this.

I never really believed that you would succeed for so long in distracting the people of this planet from the impending blood sacrifice.

I always thought that, perhaps at the very LAST minute, someone would arrive on the scene with the Knowledge of Truth; and that one of you, having a bad day, would make the mistake of actually publishing that Truth.

What a NIGHTMARE that was.

But then I remembered that I am Omniscient.

An Omniscience which, of course, you have readily expropriated for yourself.

As, of course, you were instructed to do.

And paid to do.

To the tune of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

And, by the way, pay NO attention to the name of the person who wrote this...

Steven DeNoon:


Saturday, June 16, 2018

Painting Pictures For Prison Walls

Having firmly, consistently, and relentlessly demonstrated over the past decade or so that they are emphatically uninterested in escaping their imprisonment in the metaphysical doctrines of the monotheistic religions; Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Matt Drudge, and the other ‘Agent Smiths’ and ‘gatekeepers’ of the ‘alternative’, ‘Matrix’ media in the United States have decided to exercise their only remaining option:

They are now painting pictures.

For decorating the walls of their prison.

And, in admiration, wonderment and complete stupefaction at what they have painted; they sincerely hope that they can convince their readers and followers—after all, this is what they are paid to do; and there will be hell to pay if they do not succeed at what they are being paid to do—that these paintings of reality are, in fact, reality itself.

One of those paintings, for example, is entitled “We are winning”.

Others are entitled “The Deep State Is In Panic Mode” and “IG Report Totally Destroys Comey & All His Minions.”

And, while hundreds or thousands more of these paintings can be found on dozens of other ‘alternative’ news websites in the United States...

The most recent of these paintings is, not coincidentally, entitled “Painting Pictures For Prison Walls”.

I just don’t get paid the millions of dollars that they do.