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Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Village Idiot Conference
On Religious Violence
Pay No Attention to...
the Theologian Behind the Curtain’

1) The immediate goal of the (1984 is alive and well) White House Conference On Violent Extremism—Notice: It is NOT the White House Conference On Religious Violence—is to absolve the monotheistic theologies and the monotheistic religious ‘authorities’ of ALL responsibility for the violent extremism of the monotheistic religionists; but, especially, Muslim theology and the Muslim religious ‘authorities’ of the responsibility for the violence of the Muslim extremists; thereby shifting that responsibility to politics and the politicians.

On the other hand, were it to be determined that the religious ‘authorities’ are responsible for this violence, the politicians would then become irrelevant.

But politicians do NOT want to become irrelevant.

Thus, the religious ‘authorities’ cannot POSSIBLY be responsible for this violence.

2) After initially shifting the responsibility for this violence from the religious ‘authorities’ to the politicians, however, the long-term goal of this conference is to deny that the politicians are in ANY way responsible for this violence after all. In other words, once it becomes clear that the politicians (even through economic coercion and/or military force) are incapable of resolving these conflicts—notice the 36 years-old ‘dead-man-walking’ Middle East ‘peace process’, for example—the politicians always have the option of throwing up their hands in frustration and saying “How can you expect politicians to resolve a problem which originates in THEOLOGY?”

What, then, is the source of this religious violence?

Well, the theologies and the religious ‘authorities’ aren’t responsible.

And the politicians aren’t responsible.

Thus, the conclusion is OBVIOUS:

Religious violence occurs by MAGIC...

For which NO ONE is responsible.

It can only be an ‘Immaculate Conception’ which has neither a father, NOR a mother.

3) For any politician—“Thou shalt NOT contradict the infallible pontifications of Dear Leader, even about theology”—to DICTATE the causes of religious violence to a gathering of religious ‘authorities’ is similar to having a plumber dictate to a conference of heart surgeons the latest techniques in open heart surgery. In other words, just because both blood vessels and PVC pipes convey liquids, does NOT mean that a plumber can perform open heart surgery.

4) The religion newswriters and ‘agents’ of the mainstream “dragon”-media will, of course, widely publicize the predetermined ‘conclusions’ of this ‘dog and pony show’, Village Idiot Conference On Religious Violence.

But that’s only because they are doing what they are PAID to do...

Just like the monotheistic religious ‘authorities’ are PAID to deny that they are in ANY way responsible for religious violence.

What a deal.

*Edited version previously published on February 19, 2015

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