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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Report of A Macroscopic Time-Reversal*...
And Its Relevance to Revelation**

Dear Sir,

You’re not going to believe this.

Why not?

Because I am the one who experienced this and even I don’t believe it.

But, no matter how many times I replay this experience in my memory from several weeks ago, I cannot deny that it happened; nor can I make any sense of it at all in terms of the ‘normal’ progression of time in accordance with only one temporal frame of reference.

First, a little background:

My usual exercise routine requires that I run for approximately 2 blocks, then walk for approximately 6 blocks, then run for approximately 1½-2 miles back to the place where I started; something that variably takes between 30 and 38 minutes.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with my watch.

But this is what happened:

I left on my run at precisely—I waited until the second hand hit the 12 on my watch—5 minutes til the hour (that is, 55 minutes after the previous hour) and ran for approximately 2 blocks. After walking about 5 blocks, I looked at my watch and it showed 44 minutes after the previous hour; that is, 11 minutes before I started; something that, possibly, in some way, is related to the event recorded in the following video:

I continued to walk for 1 more block, then ran approximately half of the 1½-2 miles at the end of my exercise. But, when I looked at my watch, it had taken me 11 minutes to cover that distance, and I arrived at 5 minutes til the hour; that is, precisely the same time that I had started my exercise.

It then took me 33 minutes—when I looked at my watch it was 28 minutes after the next hour—to complete the remaining ¾-1 mile back to where I had started; which, altogether, is within the normal time of my exercise.

I have gone several times through the possible explanations and have eliminated each one of them time after time:

1) there is NO possible way that it would have taken me 49 minutes (from 5 minutes til the hour to 44 minutes after that same hour) to run approximately 2 blocks and walk for another 5 blocks; in other words, I did not make any mistakes when looking, 3 separate times, at the minute hand on my watch—it was at 55 minutes and, then, 44 minutes after the same hour; and, then, 28 minutes after the next hour (it is unlikely that reading that two or three times will help in its understanding); and,

2) it is simply not possible that I ran for 2 blocks, walked for 6 blocks and, then, ran for about ¾ to 1 mile in either NO time, or a time-reversal to the time that I started.

But that is what happened.

Now, do I have a theoretical explanation of what happened here?

Of course I do.

As I have set out in Towards A New Paradigm of Consciousness:

there is a dimension of consciousness in which time not only stands still; but, also, can go backwards.

But all kinds of things occur at the quantum level which do not occur at the macroscopic level; so, is it even possible that this example of time-reversal and, then, time ‘standing still’ can be manifested at the macroscopic level, in confirmation of at least some of the findings, at the microscopic level, of Time Symmetrical Quantum Mechanics?

Certainly, not to my knowledge.

And, yet, this is precisely what seems to have occurred here.

[Nor have I had any further ‘problems’ with my watch since this occurred; any possible ‘message’ apparently having been effectively conveyed—which at least suggests that, in flagrant violation of one of the fundamental rules of the scientific method, observations of the ‘fluidity’ of time are intrinsically irreproducible (but, apparently, they can be recorded on video?); existing within a larger category of events which also includes Reverse Speech Analysis (which clearly demonstrates that information comes backwards in time from the future), laboratory experiments demonstrating pre-cognition in humans (and pre-sentience to electrical shock in worms), ‘psychic’ impressions of future events (for example, the prediction of the headline regarding the sinking of the Titanic), as well as what are commonly referred to as “Miracles” (such as the plagues upon Egypt, water emerging from a rock after it has been struck, the collapse of the walls of Jericho, or the multiplication of loaves and fishes)]

Any ‘theoretical’ explanation you might be able to provide will be entertained.

But I would remind you that I looked at my watch at each of these times and am merely reporting what I observed; which, as I understand it, is what scientists do.

So, do I really believe that any of this really happened?

Of course not.

According to the time-based consciousness of the ‘thinker’, it is simply not possible.

This information defies the very structure of that consciousness (as well as belief) itself, which depends upon time moving smoothly only in a forward direction; and, importantly, in accordance with only one temporal frame of reference. (But maybe one of the principal goals of the graphic representations of the movements of the “agents” and Neo in The Matrix was to gradually ‘free people’s minds’ from the belief that time is a dimension of reality independent of the consciousness of the ‘thinker’—as an “agent” cop says early in The Matrix in response to a jump by Trinity, “That’s impossible”—and to gradually introduce this civilization to the concept of independent temporal frames of reference based upon consciousness.)

But I do remember looking at my watch; I remember what those numbers were; and I do remember it happening just as I have described it.

But of what relevance is all of this to Revelation?

It is simply not possible for the dualistic, time-based consciousness of the ‘thinker’ to fully grasp the reality of either previous or future lives; the reason being that the revelation of the memories of previous lives—that is, the realities experienced by previous “selves” and ‘thinkers’—are intrinsically incapable of being experienced by any particular consciousness of the “self” localized to a particular body living at a particular time; but only from a frame of reference, in terms of consciousness, ‘outside of’ and ‘prior to’ the existence of that body and that “self”; that is, the non-dualistic, non-temporal, 2-dimensional ‘flat space’ “observing consciousness” (of the Eastern esoteric traditions) Created ‘by and in the image of God’ (of the monotheistic Revelations but not theologies).

Translation: Western civilization’s more or less universal disregard of the reality of previous and future lives—because that reality exists outside the frame of reference defined as reality by the “beast of the sea” consciousness of the “self” and the “beast of the earth” consciousness of the ‘thinker’—is very directly tied to the comparative lack of knowledge (because of censorship) of the reality of the three dimensions of human consciousness; in other words, the censorship of the fact that there is a consciousness and a reality which are independent of the ‘fallen’ consciousness of the “self” and ‘thinker’.

And, thus, those responsible for censoring this (K)nowledge about human consciousness bear a responsibility for the bloodshed and suffering of the coming “time of trouble” equal to those officials of the “dragon”-media and those “false prophet” Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious ‘authorities’ who are censoring, ignoring, ridiculing, denying and contradicting the Truth about the Doctrine of “resurrection”.


*Previously published on my science-of-consciousness website @4:44 A.M, October 19, 2013

**The Revelation of the Memory of Creation is preceded by a sharp and traumatic break (the “shattering of the vessels”) with time as experienced by “selves” and ‘thinkers’; and consists, of course, of a literal time-reversal to not merely the origin of time itself; but to the very origin of the ‘spatiality’ of the (“beast of the sea”) consciousness of the “self” which precedes both the origin of time and the (“beast of the earth”) consciousness of the ‘thinker’. In other words, the Revelation of the Memory of Creation also consists of the Revelation of the Memory of ‘the Fall’ into the dualistic consciousness of the “self” and ‘thinker’. And, for that reason, it is a wordless Revelation; although, by means of a previous time-reversal (the Third rather than the Second Phase of the War of the Sons of Light), Knowledge has already been received (but not yet ‘remembered’) of the Ten Principal Phonetic Tones of Creation (and the Knowledge conveyed by those tones).

The revelation of the memories of previous lives, on the other hand—that is, the revelation of what has been experienced by “selves” and ‘thinkers’ prior to the present “self” and ‘thinker’—consists of a time-reversal to a time either hundreds or thousands of years before the present time (parallel to the time-reversal from 55 to 44 in the above report), which is then followed by a progression of time in a forward direction (parallel to the forward movement of time from 44 to 55—and, 33 minutes later, to 28—in the above report) through those experiences in precisely the same way they were first experienced; that is, without any knowledge of either future time or future experiences of other “selves” and ‘thinkers’. In other words, a ‘memory’ of a previous life does not perfectly fit the definition of a memory as experienced, or defined, by a “self” or a ‘thinker’. That is, one does not really ‘remember’ what those previous “selves” and ‘thinkers’ have experienced. Rather, it is the re-experience of those experiences in precisely the same way that they were originally experienced that is ‘remembered’.

It is also interesting to note that the time-reversal in the above report occurred between :55 and :44, the forward progression of time was for 11 and, then, 33 minutes; and that the time stamp on the CCTV video linked above of the sharp discontinuity of time occurred at 3:33; which numbers are of specific relevance to the Ten Principal Phonetic Tones of Creation conveyed by the “Tree of Life” (“sidrah tree” in the Quran)/the Vision of the “Son of man”/ the “Vision of Knowledge” (the Thanksgiving Hymns of the Dead Sea Scrolls/the “Night Journey” of Mohammed as represented by the YouTube video “Stargate Sequence” from 2001—A Space Odyssey.

Footnote added at 333  October 21 (7+7+7), 2013

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