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Friday, February 1, 2019

Temporal/Non-Temporal Sequence of Chakras, Colors, Emotions, Tones, Churches and Seals
The temporal sequence of the 7 chakras (the 7 principal ganglia of the sympathetic nervous system; in relation to which there are corresponding endocrine structures), colors and emotions is as follows:
First chakra—red and desire.
Second chakra—orange and anxiety.
Third chakra (solar plexus)—yellow and fear.
Fourth chakra—sickly green and envy.
Fifth chakra—blue and sorrow.
Sixth chakra—indigo and indignation or annoyance.
Seventh chakra—a color of purple in relation to true purple corresponding to the relation between sickly green and emerald green, and rage.
The ten principal phonetic tones (5 female, or Short tones; and 5 male, or Long tones) are distributed across the seven chakras as follows (in the form of the Kabbalist “Tree of Life”):
First chakra—Short u.
Second chakra—Long U.
Third chakra—Short o and Long O.
Fourth chakra—Short a and Long A.
Fifth chakra—Short e and Long E.
Sixth chakra—Short i.
Seventh chakra—Long I.
The non-temporal sequence of the Seven Churches does not correspond precisely with either the seven chakras, the seven colors, or the Seven Seals inasmuch as the First Church corresponds to the second chakra and the Second Church corresponds to the first chakra.
The colors of the First Church, then, are “a diamond and a ruby”—Revelations 4:3; there is a numerical correspondence between the third through the seventh Churches and chakras; and the color of the Fourth Church is “like an emerald” (Revelations 4:3); the color, not coincidentally, of Islam.
With regards to the colors of the Seven Seals, the color white corresponds to the First Church and second chakra; the color red corresponds to the Second Seal and the first chakra; the color black (signifying the darkness of human thought based upon fear in opposition to the white of Truth) corresponds to the third chakra and theThird Seal; and the color “sickly green” corresponds to the fourth chakra and the Fourth Seal (signifying both envy/lust and the opposite of the “like an emerald” which is the color pertaining to the Revelation of the “resurrection” at the Fourth Church or heart chakra)…
None of which information is either accessible to, or can be assessed for its Truth by the ‘classical’ consciousness.
Michael (Daniel 12:1, Sura 2:98 of the Koran, Column XVII of the Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light)