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Monday, December 24, 2018

To Robin*

Isaac-->the apostle John-->Robin (1986) (4th Church)

From: Michael Joseph Cecil (Chapter 12, verse 1 of the Book of Daniel, Sura 2, verses 97-98 & 285 of the Quran, Column XVII of the Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light & Chapter 3, verse 12 of the Revelation of John)

In late August, 1979, I heard an advertisement that WSBT radio was offering free one hour time segments early Sunday morning for religious programming. So I immediately set to writing a very detailed analysis of the reply of Jesus to the Sadducees; explaining that Jesus taught “the resurrection” as a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’, which was based upon the Revelation of the memories of previous lives (as, however, is now universally ignored, denied and contradicted by Christian and Jewish theology; and, in particular, by to those who have “said ‘yes’ to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior”; who, apparently, seriously believe the unadulterated nonsense that he will return by ‘riding a white horse out of the sky’); had Prophesied the return of Elijah (as Mohammed); and also stating, the purpose of that program being to provide a specifically Islamic perspective (which, to the best of my recollection, could not be found anywhere in the religious programming on WSBT radio in late 1979), that such a Doctrine was also a fundamental Doctrine of the Quranalthough that Doctrine, Revelation and Truth are now universally censored, ignored, denied and contradicted by the Muslim religious establishment; thereby, however, resulting directly in Islamic terrorist violence, bloodshed, mass murder and warfare. [And, in December, 2018, President Trump simply declared ‘victory’ in the “war against Islamic terrorism” before it had even begun; both the mainstream and ‘alternative’ media having relentlessly refused to publish this Doctrine, Revelation and Truth for at least the past 17 years.]

Within a few days, I had written and typed a several page explanation of that Doctrine; and then delivered a cassette tape recording and transcript of that explanation to the Irish Roman Catholic Program Director of WSBT radio in South Bend, Roland Kelly, who was sitting at a desk in the lobby of WSBT on Jefferson.

A few days later, I returned (this was immediately after I had written the letter of early September to Theodore Hesburgh, President, and David Burrell, Chairman of the Department of Theology at Notre Dame, conveying the Prophecy of August, 1979; a copy of which I gave to you some 9 years later). And his response was “I’m not putting this on the air. It’s against Christianity.”

[Maybe 10 years later, I returned to WSBT radio to explain/complain to the manager what had happened; and he immediately denied that Roland Kelly had ever been a Program Director at WSBT, or that he had ever been in any position to have made such a decision...

[Yeah. Sure.

[(I was merely telling him what Roland Kelly had told me.)

[But I had no intention whatsoever of pursuing the matter; knowing that any complaints of anti-Islamic discrimination or censorship in 1989 would have been summarily laughed out of court by both the FCC and the legal system in the United States.]

Fast forward to late September, 1986...

When all of these things began to become much more relevant to our relationship...

And, especially, to our identities during one of our previous lives together.

I read a news item in The Observer, the student newspaper at the University of Notre Dame—at that time, I was going to the Notre Dame library on a more or less daily basis, spending at least dozens of hours there each week, doing research on the Dead Sea Scrolls (focusing on the Thanksgiving Hymns, written by Jesus); the Nag Hammadi Codices (with particular emphasis on the Treatise On the Resurrection and the [authentic] Gospel of Mary); Jewish, Christian and Islamic theology; and the Eastern religions of Buddhism and Hinduism—that The Jesus Seminar was to hold its Fall Conference during the first week of October at the Center for Continuing Education on Notre Dame Avenue across from the Morris Inn. And, over the next few days, I spent several hours extensively revising the explanation of the Doctrine of “the resurrection” that I first wrote for broadcast on WSBT radio; but which, unfortunately, was then censored.

I paid the admission fee to attend the conference; and, after attending the first or the second session, I meekly approached a gentleman who appeared to be the organizer of the conference, and very humbly requested an opportunity to address the conference for just a few minutes. At first he was hesitant, not understanding what could possibly have been my motivation; but he was immediately approached by another professor who wondered at the subject of our discussion; so he (or they) fairly quickly decided that ‘no harm could be done’ by giving me such an opportunity; something that (I was utterly amazed), in the context of the responses I had received from Christian theologians over the previous 10 years, I considered to be nothing less than a First Class Miracle.

I told him that my name was Michael; and, when the next session began in a few minutes, I was introduced; whereupon I challenged the members of The Jesus Seminar to a private debate on the Doctrine of “the resurrection” (since I had no intention of embarrassing them in public; my principal concern being that, by informing them of this Revelation and Doctrine, I could then proceed, having established a certain degree of credibility, to warning them about the specific Visions and Prophecies I had received of the coming “time of trouble” Prophesied in Chapter 12, verse 1 of the Book of Daniel—something which, however, has never happened over the past 42+ years).

I further stated that, if I lost the debate, I would donate something in the neighborhood of $8,000 to The Jesus Seminar (which, at that time, was all the money that I had). And, when questioned who it would be who would decide who had won the debate, my answer was simple: “You will.”

There was a murmur among the theologians, many of them looking around confusedly; and, after a few seconds, a professor from a university in Texas, as I recall—maybe a Professor Butts, but I could be wrong—raised his hand and asked, with a somewhat dumbfounded look on his face, “What is the other side of the debate?” (to which a number of the other professors murmured in agreement).

To which I quickly replied: “...The Truth: that the Doctrine of “the resurrection” is a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’”...

And, then, something to the effect that “what Jesus was figuratively and cryptically describing by the phrase “angels in heaven” in his reply to the Sadducees was the Revelation of the memories of previous lives; by which he established a quite direct connection between his Teaching and the teaching of ‘rebirth’ or ‘re-incarnation’ in the Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism”...

Obviously, to the utter astonishmentif not chagrinof everyone present.

(And, several years later [1997?], Marcus ‘Resistance Is Futile’ Borg, one of the founding members of The Jesus Seminar, published a book entitled Jesus and Buddha—the Parallel Sayings, in which he sets out the extensive parallels between what Jesus said and what the Buddha said, and argues that the similarities between the Teaching of Jesus and the teaching of the Buddha most probably resulted from a ‘similarity in religious experience’. To which, of course, I would reply: “Of course: the experience of the receiving—or the Revelation—of the memories of previous lives”; although, not surprisingly, he made no mention at all, of course, of what I had told him when he attended The Jesus Seminar Fall Conference in 1986.)

I further stated that I would be attending the conference over the next few days, at which time they could tell me whether they had agreed to such a debate; then walked out, leaving on one of the conference tables at the Center for Continuing Education dozens of copies of an extensively revised explanation of the Doctrine of “the resurrection”—since I wanted them to know what my argument would be before the debate—based upon the transcript of the radio program that I had planned some 9 years before.

That Saturday morning, as I recall—the conference had officially ended the previous evening, as I understood it—maybe a dozen members of The Jesus Seminar met in the conference room of the Center for Continuing Education to discuss the details of the next conference, and I quietly walked into the vacant auditorium, sat down near the front...

And simply waited for my presence to be acknowledged.

But it soon became quite clear that they had decided to simply ignore my challenge to debate.

And, as if to emphasize that, one of the professors said: “The purpose of the next conference...

Then, repeating himself, “...the purpose of the next conference...”

Whereupon I jumped to my feet and yelled at them:

The purpose of the next conference will be to ignore the Doctrine of “the resurrection” as a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’...

The Doctrine of “the resurrection”...

This is the “stone that the builders [of Jewish, Christian and Muslim metaphysical theology] rejected...”

Then, waving my hand at them in a get-the-hell-out-of-here downward motion of utter disgust, I stormed out of the auditorium and walked back to my room at the Morningside Hotel.

(Three months later, as I was walking northward on the sidewalk along Notre Dame Avenue past the Center for Continuing Education, a campus police car turned off Notre Dame Avenue onto the road immediately north of the building; and an Hispanic officer of the Notre Dame Campus Police got out of his car and waited on the sidewalk as I approached him; whereupon, he told me that my “outburst” the previous October had been “caught on video tape” and that Notre Dame was “seriously considering prosecuting” me for “disturbing the peace”...

At which point I yelled in his face (and I would have jabbed my finger at him, but I was holding my Jerusalem Bible in my right hand against my waist):

Go ahead!! Make my day!! And then I will tell the court that the Chairman of the Department of Theology at Notre Dame has been suppressing for 9 years Prophecies of earthquakes in which millions of people in the United States will die.”

Apparently not at all impressed by my response, he instructed me to get into the police car (Was he taking me to jail? I certainly didn’t care. Hell. Maybe I even hoped so.), although he never told me that I was under arrest; and then drove me back to the intersection of Angela and Notre Dame Avenue, where he told me to get out; clearly conveying the impression that he did not want me to return to campus; which, of course, had no impact whatsoever upon me and my continuing research. If any lives at all were to be saved from the coming “time of trouble”, there were many more things that I needed to understand in order to convince people of both the Revelations and the Prophecies I had received.

And it was in the context of all of these events that I first met you in the summer of 1986; and, over the next several months, began to establish a professional relationship with you.

At the time, I was a Registered Respiratory Therapist, and had been working the night shift at Memorial Hospital in South Bend since shortly after my graduation from Vincennes University in May of 1985. And you had recently begun working there on the night shift on 7 East as a recently graduated Registered Nurse.

And it probably won’t surprise you for me to tell you that you were—and still are to this day—the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever met in my life.

But I was extremely leery of even thinking about trying to establish any kind of a personal relationship with you because of an intensely traumatic experience that I had had with another beautiful woman some11 years before; an extreme trauma that had been seared into my memory and horrifyingly ground into my very bones; a trauma which had completely changed my life:

In September, 1975, having received a B.S. degree in psychology from Purdue University some four years earlier, I began my studies in the Radiological Technology program at Memorial Hospital; where I met a young, shapely, dark-haired, beauty who was, at that time, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen; a radiological technician by the name of Debbie Lamb; who, so she told me, had been engaged for the past 5 years; which, of course, meant that there was no chance at all that our relationship would ever become at all serious.

Nevertheless, I was intensely attracted to her and desperate to establish even a minimal relationship with her under the very clear impression that there was something that I needed to learn from her; although, of course, I had no idea about what that could possibly be.

But, in order to understand what happened next, it is first necessary to understand the first very clear memory I had received from one of my previous lives:

Approximately 4 years before I met Debbie Lamb, I was hired as an orderly in the Physical Therapy Department of St. Joseph Hospital in Kokomo, where I worked with a young woman by the name of Mary. And, being quite attracted to her, we quickly established a romantic and passionate relationship; passionate but, at the same time, sharply limited, because she was already involved in a much more serious relationship with another man; and it was quite clear that she cared more about him than she did about me.

Several months after we met, she had to be hospitalized for a couple of days for some kind of gynecological procedure, as I understood it; and I visited her in the hospital for probably a half an hour, a few minutes after her boyfriend had left. And, maybe for the first time, I began to realize not only that I was intensely attracted to her; but, also, that I was deeply and genuinely in love with her...

Not being at all upset, hurt, or offended that she was in love with him more than she was with me.

But, when I went home that evening, I did not dream, I did not imagine; but I experienced something that I had never experienced before in my life: a very clear, maybe 10 seconds long, memory of a previous life in which I had known her...

A life in which she had been lying on a bed in the stillness of death, and I had gently taken her hand and, whispering a prayer...

Raised her from the dead; as is described in the the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 9 verses 23-26) with regards to the daughter of Jairus. (And, because I had no immediate memory of having read or heard about such an event, I actually had to search the Gospels to find out whether such a Miracle had even been recorded.)

Now, having a B.S. degree in psychology, I already knew that, despite the fact that I considered myself quite sane and more or less normal, any thoughts that any person might have about having been Jesus in a previous life are, according to the “just-come-down-from-Mt.-Sinai”, ex cathedra infallibility of Western psychiatry, a classical symptom of psychosis.

No question about it.

So I did not merely brush away that memory as being insignificant or meaningless.

On the contrary, I was so utterly horrified for having received such a memory that I did everything I possibly could to banish it from my mind; continuing, as before, to work with Mary in the Physical Therapy Department—but to whom, of course, I did not breathe one word of such a memory—until I injured my back several months later and had to quit.

The simple fact of the matter was that, beginning with the very receiving of the memory itself, I simply could not acknowledge the reality of that memory; first of all, because, after no more than a few days, I could not even remember it; and, secondly, because even to remember such a memory qualified as unquestionable evidence of psychosis. So, while I may very well have received such a memory, that memory could not be accessed at all by my conscious awareness.

It was as if it had never occurred in the first place.

Three years later, however, under the force of an intense attraction to Debbie Lamb, and a desire to develop some kind of a relationship with her, those repression and denial mechanisms began to weaken, and then fell away completely; the first distorted expression of that memory emerging into my conscious awareness as the consideration of a number of quite serious questions:

What if Jesus would not return by ‘riding a white horse out of the sky’ —something that I had always considered to be utterly nonsensical; even five years before, when I was dating Susan (who, by the way, had also “said ‘yes’ to Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior”)—but, instead, by means of ‘reincarnation’; (although, of course, I had no idea at all about whether the doctrine of ‘reincarnation’ was even true or not; never [or so I unremembered at the time] having received any evidence of that truth one way or the other)?

And what if he returned not as a man, but as a woman?

Even a beautiful woman?

How would anyone ever know that it was him?

And, finally, what if the specific reference to the “Lamb of God” in the Gospels was, in fact, a Prophecy about how Jesus would return...?

Not ‘out of the sky on a white horse’; but, rather, by being ‘reincarnated’ as a beautiful woman with the name of Lamb?

All of which, of course, even as bizarre as it may seem to be, was much, much easier to contemplate—and to consider as being a plausible reality—than simply acknowledging the implausible reality of the memory that I had received three years earlier.

In any case, I then shifted my focus more and more to the fact that her last name was “Lamb”.

(Not that I assumed with any degree of certainty that she had, in fact, been Jesus in a previous life; but, rather, that it was a possibility that should be actively considered rather than simply and reflexively disregarded as being utterly impossible.)

And, just as, previously, there had been a synchronicity between Susan’s last name and a verse from Genesis; there was now a synchronicity between Debbie’s last name, one particular verse in the Gospel of John (Chapter 1, verse 29), as well as a number of other verses in the Revelation of John (for example, Chapter 14, verse 4) in which I had been particularly interested over the past year.

And, it was in the context of this intense attraction—not one word of which, of course, I had ever told her about; and of which she had no awareness—that I experienced the total and traumatic collapse of my consciousness, and received both the Revelation of the Memory of Creation and the Revelation of the memories of previous lives...

And the very clear and horrifying realization not only that she had not been Jesus in her previous life; but that, in fact, she had been the Roman executioner who had walked me to the cross and had then nailed my left hand...the lyrics of In the Air Tonight:

being a very accurate description of at least part of that memory; and as graphically demonstrated at time segment 2:00-2:01 of:

one of the songs on the radio at that time being Love Hurts (by Nazareth):

(The words of which, to my ears, however, were:

I’m young, I know; but, even so.

I know I’ve been a Jew.

I learned from you.”)

Thereby validating the memory that I had received with regards to Mary three years before.

*[Meanwhile, there were numerous other synchronicities regarding Debbie Lamb: Most of the time, she wore spotless white shoes, white stockings, and a brilliant white uniform—“the Lamb” in the Revelation of John, of course, being dressed in white—that could not help but accentuate her figure. But, on other occasions, when she worked in cardiac catheretization (in Room 6), she wore green scrubs; “sickly green” being the color of the Fourth Seal of the Revelation of John. Later, there was a picture of her taken at a Christmas party at her home—when she was dressed in a purple, turtle neck, long-sleeved top, a gold necklace around her neck, and a reddish-rusty brown corduroy skirt, raising a cup of wine and smiling. (And, although I usually considered her to be quite attractive, this picture I considered to be particularly ugly: a synchronicity with the way the “whore of Babylon” is described in the Revelation of John.) On another occasion, dressed in white, she came into one of the X-ray rooms and, since I was an X-ray student, said “Michael, will you help me with this baby?”—who needed a chest X-ray in Room 7 (which, of course, is a synchronicity with Revelations 12:1-2). And, on still another occasion, I had a telephone conversation with her—its a long story—in which she told me “Michael, Ill kill you”; at that moment becoming “the lamb...that speaks with the voice of the “dragon”; all of these images being symbols for the different dimensions of human consciousness.]

So, by the time that I met you in the summer of 1986, I already knew who I was in one of my previous lives; I already knew who Susan was, I already knew who Mary was, and I already knew who Debbie was.

And, because of the intensity of my attraction to you, the most important questions for me very quickly became:

1) Had I known you in a previous life?; and,

2) If so, who had you been in that previous life?

During the first few months working with you on the night shift, I gradually became more and more comfortable in communicating with you on a professional level; learning that you had recently graduated from nursing school. And, one evening, you asked me for help in assessing one of your patients.

7 East was a step down unit for the Intensive Care Unit and Open Heart Recovery; and one of your patients, who had recently been transferred, was experiencing quite significant difficulty breathing; which was causing you some concern.

After seeing the patient and listening to his breathing—he was experiencing extreme anxiety—my response was that an arterial blood gas should be ordered; the results of which, of course, I already knew. And, when the results came back, they were as I suspected; so I told you to pay careful attention to him.

One or two hours later, as I recall, you called me on my beeper; and, when I returned your call, you were then much less concerned about your patient. You reported that he was now doing much better and resting comfortably; or words to that effect.  So I said that you should order another ABG; stressing the importance, however, of calling me with the results (about which I could already speculate with some degree of confidence).

After another hour or so, however, I had not heard from you; so I stopped by the 7 East nursing station where you were seated at the desk and asked you what the results of the ABG were.

And you responded by saying that they were “normal”—which I already knew—and, therefore, that you thought that I didn’t need to know; to which I winced in exasperation.

First, I explained that I had specifically told you to call me with the results of the ABG.

But then I hit you with a ton of bricks:

Listen carefully. Your patient is not “doing better”. Your patient is exhausted.

These blood gas results demonstrate a classical case of impending ventilatory failure.

In the next phase, the PO2 will crash, the CO2 will go through the roof, your patient will have a respiratory arrest, then a cardiac arrest, and a Code Blue will have to be called. So I advise you call his doctor immediately to get an order for your patient to be intubated and placed back on a ventilator.

And I could tell by the horrified look on your face that you knew that you had made a mistake.

An hour or so later, I was sitting in the cafeteria when you walked in. And you approached me very sheepishly, apologizing profusely that you had not called me earlier with the results of the ABG.

But I was already well aware of what you were experiencing, knowing that you had only recently graduated, so I very gently explained that this was a learning experience for you; something that, thankfully, had been resolved before any significant damage could be done.

And, it was on the basis of that incident that we agreed that I would now contact you, or you would call me, at the beginning of your shift, to determine whether you had any concerns about your patients.

And the more interactions we had at work, the easier it was for me to think that there might be a possibility for us to have a more personal relationship. But, nevertheless, because of my previous experiences, I still hesitated.

Then, one evening, you told me that you were having trouble with your car and asked me whether I knew anything about cars; to which I had to respond, with an intense regret, in the negative.

And later, when I reflected upon my reply, my first understanding was that you had presented me with a problem that, unfortunately, I had failed to resolve.

But my second understanding was much more positive:

The most stunningly beautiful woman in the world, a woman with whom I already had a very positive professional relationship, had asked me to meet her during time away from the hospital...

Maybe because she thinks that there is a possibility that we could have a more personal relationship.

And, within a few days, as I recall, I understood your question to be a “sign” that you may very well agree to go out with me for breakfast after work; which you did. So, we then met at the Pancake House, on Ironwood, as I recall, and talked mostly (I am guessing here) about clinical issues such as the ABG results of impending ventilatory failure—which, by the way, is also experienced by people who are crucified—and, possibly, the neuro-physiology of hypoxic drive in emphysema patients.

But I can’t remember much more; if even that.

Because I was already, quite obviously, and irreversibly, falling in love with you.

But the trauma of 11 years before had been much too intense.

And I could not possibly attempt to have any more personal relationship with you unless my questions were answered:

Had I known you in a previous life?

And, if so, who had you been?

So, in late October, 1986, I designed a very specific ‘test’ to determine the answers to these questions:

I would bring a copy of the manuscript that I had recently revised for the members of The Jesus Seminar to work for one day—one day only—and keep it in my mail box in the Respiratory Therapy Department.

And, if I did not receive a “sign” from you, I would take the manuscript back home and never again attempt to develop a personal relationship with you.

But, if I did receive such a “sign” from you—and it must be a significant “sign”—I would understand that as incontrovertible evidence that I had known you in a previous life.

Now, to begin with, although my work schedule was more or less unchanging, I simply had no idea at all what your schedule was, or on what days you worked each week. So, when I brought the manuscript to work one evening, I had no idea at all whether you were even working.

While I was doing oxygen rounds at the beginning of the shift around 2230 hours, however, my heart lept in my chest when I saw you walking down the hall on 7E; although you appeared to be either quite busy doing the initial assessments on your patients or studiously avoiding me.

But, later that night, after midnight, I walked into the nurse’s station to get the Alupent from the refrigerator...

You walked up to me; and, with the most beautiful face I had ever seen in my life, told me: “Guess what, Michael. Today’s my birthday...

To which I immediately replied (my first question having been answered), “I have a birthday present for you in my mail box in the Respiratory Therapy Department...” then asking you how old you were (you replied 24, the same age that I was when I received the Vision of the “Son of man”), and whether you would meet me at the end of the shift so I could give it to you; which you did.

(But then the second question needed to be answered: “Who were you in that previous life?”)

And, while that “sign”, and the fact that my first question had been answered, made it all that much easier to ask you to go out for breakfast with me again; which we did; at the very instant that you told me that it was your birthday, I had an experience that I would not be able to completely understand or explain for approximately another 24 years.

[Fast forward to 2011:

[After having completed and self-published Jesus and “the Resurrection”—the Secret Teaching in 2007, my attention then turned to trying to understand the implications of the Knowledge Revealed through the Vision of the “Son of man” and the Revelation of “the resurrection” upon the “science of consciousness”; which, ultimately, lead to the writing of Meditations On A Science of Consciousness; and, then, Towards A New Paradigm of Consciousness; in which I explained that the dualistic consciousness of the “self” and the ‘thinker’ is a 3-dimensional ‘curved spatiality’ of consciousness; whereas the non-dualistic “observing consciousness” is a 2-dimensional ‘flat space’ consciousness; as graphically demonstrated in the opening few minutes of the “Star Gate Sequence” from 2001—A Space Odyssey:

[(which, by the way, is also the dimension of consciousness by which the Vision of the “Son of man” and the Revelation of “the resurrection” are conveyed.)]

But where did I get the phrase “2-dimensional ‘flat space’ consciousness” in the first place?

From what I had experienced when you told me it was your birthday (just like what Susan told me in 1971 led, 35 years later, to the “moving train thought experiment”, which is descriptive of the conflict between the non-dualistic and the dualistic consciousness).

At that very instant, there was a total collapse of the 3-dimensional ‘curved’ space reality—that is, the fundamental perception of the dualistic consciousness that there is a sharp separation between the “observer” and the “observation”—in which I had been living for most of my life.

It was as if I had lived my entire life viewing my experiences (and reflecting upon those experiences) like a person in a movie theater watching those experiences like a movie on a movie screen.

But, when you told me that it was your birthday, not only did I instantly ‘merge’ with you; it was as if I had jumped from a seat in a movie theater into the movie screen itself; that my ‘curved’ space consciousness had been completely flattened onto the movie screen; and that I was now walking around in the movie rather than observing it from a chair in a movie theater; although, however, I was still quite capable of carrying on a conversation with you and telling you that I had a present for you.

And, because of the manuscript that I gave you, the next time we went out for breakfast, the major topic for discussion was religion; at which time you told me that you had “said ‘yes’ to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior”, and that what I had written in the manuscript I gave you was clearly wrong.

But I was undeterred.

Being in love with you like I was, I wanted to know who you had been in the life when I had known you (because, who knows? Maybe, like Debbie Lamb, you had been one of the executioners):

Then, some months later, I was going from room, to room, to room, doing oxygen rounds at the beginning of the shift. And you were following me, going from room, to room, to room, doing your initial assessments.

Finally, I went into the room of a patient who was referred to as “Mr. Coffee” [sic] in order to do the ventilator check. And, as I turned to leave, you were coming in the door; dressed like the woman in the first several seconds of the following video in your white sweater and white nurse’s uniform: ;

and I asked you “Am I following you?”

To which you replied: “Michael, I will follow you wherever you go.”

And, immediately, I knew that I was looking at the beautiful face of a woman who had been the apostle John in a previous life and the writer of the Revelation of John; because, whether or not you were aware of it, what you said was an almost word for word quotation of Revelations 14:4:

These are the ones who have kept their virginity and not been defiled with women; they follow the Lamb wherever he goes” (“the Lamb” not being Debbie Lamb, as I had once conjectured).
(And this confirmed a memory that I received a few months later; that it was you who had run across a field to tell me that Elizabeth had been murdered as John the Baptist; and I was then comforted by Mary-->Danielle.)

And it was after that conversation that I then decided to take the next step in trying to establish a closer relationship with you, by giving you a copy of the Prophecy of August, 1979; later explaining to you in a letter who you had been in your previous life..

Which, however, together with the manuscript I had written, was far beyond your capacity to believe.

And, so, our relationship—such as it was—ended with a serious theological disagreement...

But leaving me with a broken heart and two songs, the lyrics of which described in some detail the facts, the emotions and the events of our relationship:

She’ s Like the Wind:

about our working together on the night shift; how I felt about you when we first talked; and how near we were to each other one evening (“your breath in my face”) while pushing a gurney to transport a patient; and

Eye In the Sky:

which describes in some detail the sharp contrast between your beauty and your adherence to the lies of Christian Fundamentalism and the gist of some of our conversations or written communications.

Several months later, I received a letter from you (which I still have)—it was mailed on March 11, 1989; which is Elizabeth’s birthday (who, by the way, was Sarah when you were Isaac)—stating that all of the things that I had written to you were clearly ‘not of God’; and expressing serious regrets that you had ever ‘agreed to go out with me for breakfasts’.

And, finally, in the Spring of 2008, I asked Elizabeth take a copy of Jesus and “the Resurrection”—the Secret Teaching to your house; but, even 20 years after I had last seen you, you indignantly refused to accept it.

Nevertheless, if you carefully read—and still remember—the Prophecy of August, 1979, you should be able to see that those Prophecies are now very rapidly moving towards their fulfillment...

After which, it is my fondest desire, that we can resume our relationship with a discussion of the Truths that you denied so many years ago.

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