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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Immunity From Prosecution
For the Religious & Media Officials

Criminally stupid.

Oblivious of reality.

Contemptuous of, and impervious to the Truth.

Complicit in
every act of terrorism because of either their lies, or their censorship of the Truth.

But, for some unknown reason, immune from prosecution as
accomplices to terrorism.

More terrorists attacks in Turkey and Europe.

And, once again, true to form, the media focuses upon this or that
politician as being exclusively responsible for those acts of terror.

But what about the Islamic religious officials who have concocted the metaphysical doctrines of Islamic terrorism in
contradiction of the Revelations in the Quran?


Not responsible.

What about the media officials who, if they wanted, could wage a
lethal information war against that terrorist ideology?


Not responsible.

Which is not to say, of course, that the politicians are innocent.

Only that the Islamic theologians, by their
lies, and the media officials, by their censorship of Truth, are creating a situation which NO politician will EVER be able to resolve without an information war against Islamic terrorist ideology:

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