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Friday, December 2, 2016

Have Knowledge, Will Travel

As of yet, I have seen no indications at all that the Trump administration will be any more serious than the current administration is in its efforts to decisively defeat Islamic terrorist ideology.

Perhaps the incoming administration will stop providing military, diplomatic, political and economic assistance (‘aid and comfort’) to the Islamic State and Islamic terrorism in general.

Perhaps they will adopt a much more aggressive military stance with regards to the Islamic State, as well as a much more aggressive criminal justice stance with regards to Muslim terrorists.

And maybe, unlike the current administration, they will actually use the term “Islamic terrorist ideology” instead of the witless, useless, worthless, vapid, stereotypical and platitudinous ‘countering violent extremism’ which has been so widely in use over the past few years (and just look at how ‘successful’ that has been in preventing additional acts of terrorism).

But I have detected an extreme reluctance to define the problem of Islamic terrorism any more precisely—by, specifically, focusing on the metaphysical doctrines of ‘moderate’ Islamic theology—for the purpose of actually defeating Islamic terrorism; a reluctance that precisely parallels the current administration’s refusal to use the term Islamic terrorist ideology at all...

A reluctance or a refusal which will categorically prevent the destruction of Islamic terrorism into the foreseeable future.

For forty years, I have withstood the unrelenting contempt and viciousness of the monotheistic religious officials and the media officials in the United States because of the Revelations and Prophecies I have received, and for my efforts to eliminate monotheistic religious violence from the face of the earth. Nor has any politician in the United States ever expressed to me the slightest interest in opposing the monotheistic terrorisms.

Furthermore, I have seen no indications at all that Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Mattt Drudge or any other ‘alternative’ media official in the United States will ever become anything more than just another accomplice of these terrorists by their continuing censorship of the Truth.

Thus, insofar as Jesus is reported to have said: “A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country, and among his relatives and his own family” (Chapter 6 vs. 4 of the Gospel of Mark), I am now willing to travel to almost any country on the face of the earth—Syria, Egypt, Russia and France immediately come to mind (but certainly not Israel)—that is capable of clearly demonstrating that it is actually serious about defeating Islamic terrorism in accordance with what I have written previously:

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