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Saturday, December 10, 2016


Fully in accordance with the admonitions of Zhang Yu:

When your strategy is deep and far-reaching, then what you gain by your calculations is much, so you can win before you even fight. When your strategic thinking is shallow and near-sighted, then what you gain by your calculations is little, so you lose before you do battle. Much strategy prevails over little strategy, so those with no strategy cannot but be defeated. Therefore it is said that victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

“If you do not fight, your soldiers will not be wounded, if you do not lay siege, your strength will not be exhausted, if you do not continue long, your resources will not be used up. This is how you establish yourself completely victorious over the world. Thereby there are none of the ills associated with garrisons and violence, and there are the benefits of a prosperous country and a strong army. This is the good general’s art of strategic siege.”

Ho Yanxi:

“The best policy is to use strategy, influence, and the trend of events to cause the adversary to submit willingly.”

Master Sun

“Therefore one who is good at martial arts overcomes others’ forces without battle, conquers others’ cities without siege, destroys others’ nations without taking a long time. It is imperative to contest all factions for complete victory, so the army is not garrisoned and the profit can be total . This is the law of strategic siege.”

Therefore a victorious army first wins and then seeks battle; a defeated army first battles and then seeks victory.

and Mei Yaochen:

“Complete victory is when the army does not fight, the city is not besieged, the destruction does not go on long, but in each case the enemy is overcome by strategy. This is called strategic siege. In this way you do not dull your army, and your profit is naturally complete.”

in The Art of War, I wrote a Prophecy to the Islamic terrorists: ;

the purpose of which was to attack not the tactics but the
strategy of the Islamic terrorists; something in which the current administration in Washington, D.C., as well as their servants, the media officials in the United States, obviously have no interest whatsoever.

In other words, the bloodshed presently occurring in the Middle East is incontrovertible evidence of, first and foremost, an absolute failure in

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