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Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Flanking Maneuver In the
War of the ‘Alternative’ Media
the Mainstream Media

In their war against the mainstream media in the United States—and, make no mistake about it, this is full-spectrum information warfare; a ‘ground of life and death’ with regards to the information necessary for the survival of human civilization itself; although there is a danger “that it may be taken up lightly”—the officials of the ‘alternative’ media in the United States are viciously whining about the George Soros-funded ‘Ministry of Truth’ which will be employed by Facebook to censor and suppress any and all information which does not conform to the reigning narrative of the political elites...

Sounding to all the world, however, like the millions upon millions of melting snowflakes who, more than five
weeks after the presidential election, are still whining about the results.

Apparently, the officials of the ‘alternative’ media do not
seriously understand that this is genuine warfare; a warfare which should not be “taken up lightly”.

And that, in
warfare, whining about the counter-attack of an enemy has never been considered to be an effective tactic.

That is, the imposition of a ‘Ministry of Truth’, totalitarian censorship by the political elites on both the mainstream and the social media
should have been an expected counter-attack, for which a tactic other than whining had already been considered.

But, apparently, they have never read, or do not understand
The Art of War.

Apparently, they do not understand that, as recommended in
The Art of War, the most appropriate response to a potentially overwhelming frontal attack by an enemy is the initiation of a flanking maneuver and the opening of a second front against that enemy.

Thus, instead of
whiningendlessly whiningabout how persecuted they are for telling the ‘Truth’ (as contrasted with the mainstream, corporate media) by what, to them, is an unexpected counter-attack by the mainstream and social media, my advice to the officials of the ‘alternative’ media is to initiate a flanking maneuver...

By publicizing the long-censored information about the
theological origins of Islamic terrorism in the metaphysical doctrines of Islamic theology.

By publicizing information which, because of its censorship, makes the mainstream media
responsible for both Islamic terrorism and Islamophobic terrorism.

That is, by publicizing information which also threatens the reigning narrative of the
religious elites.

But the officials of the ‘Ministry of Truth’,‘alternative’ media are no more inclined toward—much less, capable of—strategic thinking than are the officials of the ‘Ministry of Truth’, mainstream and social media.

That is, like the mainstream media, the social media, the Vatican, or the Islamic State, they have no
strategic goal other than their own self-preservation.

And, to them, that self-preservation necessarily requires the preservation of the reigning narrative of the
religious elites. 

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