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Saturday, November 12, 2016

To President-Elect
Donald Trump
Re: Islamic Terrorism*


As you previously stated a number of times during your presidential campaign, we are going to have to be “really smart” in order to defeat Islamic terrorism.

What has been contemptuously ignored by the current administration, the media, and the monotheistic religious establishment in the United States over the past few years, howeverfor reasons which, because of Wikileaks, should now be obviousis that this can be accomplished only by acknowledging both the fundamental continuity of Revelation, Doctrine and Prophecy between Judaism, Christianity and Islam; and that it is the denial of that continuity, by the metaphysical doctrines of Jewish, Christian and Islamic theology, that is the very origin of inter-religious conflict, violence, terrorism and warfare.

In that regard, then, I suggest that the following information is crucially important to any sincere effort to decisively defeat not only Islamic terrorism; but, also, Zionist and Christo-Zionist terrorism:

Furthermore, with regards to not merely defeating the monotheistic religious terrorisms; but, also, attaining world Peace, it is also crucially important to acknowledge the fundamental continuity of Revelation between the monotheistic religions and the Eastern religions of Buddhism and Hinduism:

I respectfully suggest that the wide publicizing of this information would make it possible to, in fact, decisively defeat Islamic terrorism over the space of only a few months.


Michael Cecil

*A link to this writing was also sent to the following website:

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