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Thursday, November 24, 2016

They Think They Are the ‘Messiah’:
The Lethal Delusions
of the ‘Alternative’ Media

They WHINE incessantly about the evils of Islam and the evils committed by the Muslim immigrants....

Having deluded themselves and their millions of gullible followers that they are the ‘messiah’ that will ‘save human civilization’ from the evils and censorship of the mainstream, corporate media.

Having deluded themselves and their millions of fascinated-, hypnotized- and seduced-by-the-duality followers that WHINING is an effective substitute for publicizing those Revelations and Prophecies which strike at the very foundation of Islamic terrorist ideology.

They WHINE incessantly about every step that takes this civilization further down the road to a possibly nuclear confrontation between the United States and Russia; blind to the fact that it is within their power—and, thus, it is their responsibility—to do everything that they can possibly do (even, horrors, publicizing the Truth) in order to prevent the eruption of World War III.

Make no mistake about it.

These are the delusions that have already proven fatal to millions of people across the Middle East over the past 40 years.

But, all things remaining the same, this is just the beginning.

The ‘alternative’ media are vampires, lusting for blood, wealth and power.

And their thirst for human blood is insatiable.

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