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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Necessary Conflict
If Humanity Is To Survive

Let’s be clear.

The Jewish, Christian and Muslim doctrine of a metaphysical heaven and hell not only delusionally denies the reality of previous lives; but, also, flagrantly contradicts the Revelation of the memories of previous lives (“the resurrection”—see Chapter 22, verses 29-33 of the Gospel of Matthew) specifically received by Moses, Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus and Mohammed; thereby not only establishing the foundation of the monotheistic terrorisms; but, also, threatening the survival of human civilization itself.

And, while the monotheistic religious officials and religionists are blissfully oblivious to this threat to human survival, the Buddhist and Hindu religious officials appear to believe that, somehow, the delusions of the monotheistic metaphysical theologies are of no particular importance (and certainly not dangerous); and that the peoples of Eastern civilization will escape the eruption of World War III completely unscathed.

But, once again, let’s be clear.

Although it is the monotheistic religions and their hundreds of millions of gullible followers who are very aggressively pushing this human civilization towards annihilation because of the delusions of their metaphysical theologies—people (the ‘messiah’ or the ‘mahdi’) ‘riding out of the sky on white horses’, or people ‘flying up into the sky’ (in the ‘Rapture’) for example—this can be accomplished only by the complicity of the Hindu and Muslim religious officials (and their hundreds of millions of followers) and their unwillingness to directly and forcefully challenge such delusions with the reality of previous lives.

Thus, the conflicts between Jews, Christians and Muslims—fraught as they are with violence, bloodshed and genocide—function as merely a smokescreen which hides a much more fundamental conflict: the conflict between the reality of previous lives and the metaphysical delusions of all the Western monotheistic theologies.

Thus, while, some 2500 years ago, it may very well have been permissible to mediate on the ‘Supreme Self’, or the attainment of ‘nirvana’, 21st century human civilization—both Western and Eastern civilizationis threatened with annihilation because of its denial of the reality of previous lives and its pursuit of metaphysical delusions.

Meanwhile, the political types in the United States, mesmerized by (and imprisoned in The Matrix of) the liberal-conservative duality—and utterly convinced that they, too, can safely escape the consequences of ignoring both reality and Truth—simply disregard these theological issues altogether; the liberals possessed by a narcissistic, paranoid, persecution complex; the conservatives possessed by a narcissistic, self-righteous triumphalism...

As, meanwhile, humanity continues to slouch toward annihilation.

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