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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The media reports that the Somali immigrant who attacked the Ohio State University students yesterday was ‘self-radicalized’.

What the media will not tell you, of course, is that there are two principal ways of being ‘self-radicalized’:

First, by believing unquestioningly the nonsense of the Islamic terrorist theologians; and, secondly, as a result of the fact that the same media that reports such ‘self-radicalization’, refuses to publish any information that contradicts the metaphysical doctrines of ‘moderate’ Islamic theology, which are the origin of the Islamic terrorist ideology in the first place.

In other words, it was the censorship of Truth by the media that prevented him from being informedand how many hundreds or thousands of immigrants just like him?that there is, in fact, a viable, non-violent explanation (rather than misinterpretation) of the Revelations in the Quran which contradicts both Islamic terrorist ideology and the doctrines of ‘moderate’ Islamic theology.

Thus, rather than actually helping to defeat Islamic terrorism, the media is merely perpetuating the problem by reporting instead about such ‘self-radicalization’...

 ‘self-radicalization’ for which they are directly responsible.

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