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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Beast” Vs. “Dragon”.
Beast” Vs. “False Prophet”.

In Chapter 16, verse 13 of the Revelation of John, the “dragon” symbolizes the media, the “beast” symbolizes the political system, and the “false prophet” symbolizes the monotheistic religious establishment; or, more accurately, Monotheism, Incorporated.

Donald Trump’s attack upon the media in the United States—as well as Putin’s attack upon the (“king of the South”—Daniel 11:40-45) Western media in general—then, should be understood as an attack of the “beast” upon the “dragon”; that is, a serious disruption of the alliance between those forces which are pushing this civilization into Armageddon.

What is so desperately needed now, however—if, that is, World War III is to be averted—is a full-scale attack by the “beast” upon the “false prophet” monotheistic religious establishment; based upon the realization that the metaphysical doctrines of all of the monotheistic religions are, quite simply, causing too many problems; problems which are already completely beyond the control of the politicians, and can only get worse.

What is so desperately needed now is for politicians throughout the Muslim world to attack their respective religious officials—and for the politicians in the United States, NATO and Israel to attack their respective religious officials—for fundamentally CAUSING the problems of Zionist, Christian-Islamophobic and Islamic terrorism and warfare...

Or for the media to attack the religious officials by simply no longer censoring the Truth.

Both Trump and Putin appear to be well-aware of the evils of the “dragon” media.

But thats only a start.

Now what is needed is for both the politicians and the media officials around the world to become aware of the evils of “false prophet” Monotheism, Inc.

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