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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Alex Jones Protects the ‘Deep State’

So, the new deception du jour for Alex Jones and the rest of the ‘alternative’ media is the ‘Deep State’ (or ‘shadow government’); by which is meant those who, behind the scenes, really wield the power on this planet.

But, like all of the other information published by Alex Jones and the rest of the ‘alternative’ media for the purpose of merely perpetuating the ‘conflict of the dualities’, this term is just another level of hypnosis and thought control; the ‘Deep State’ being not so much Deep State...

As Deep Religion; that is, the ‘religion’ of ‘god of the dead’ monotheistic Satanism.

How extensive, for example, are the economic interests of Judaism, Inc., Christianity, Inc. and Islamism, Inc.? (Nor does Hinduism, Inc. or Buddhism, Inc. threaten those economic interests by challenging the monotheistic religions’ ignorant and witless denial of the fundamental reality of previous lives.)

Probably in the neighborhood of trillions of dollars.

And, as long as Alex Jones and the rest of the ‘alternative’ media do not challenge the economic interests of the Deep Religion of the ‘god of the dead’ (Chapter 20, verse 38 of the Gospel of Luke) monotheistic religions by publicizing the Truth; for example: &

these well-paid prostitutes will be allowed to distract people and rant to their heart’s content about their ‘contempt’ for the ‘Deep State’ (or ‘shadow government’), as they continue to rake in their millions upon millions of dollars in advertising revenues...

And World War III gets closer and closer, while all they can do is sit back and WHINE about it.

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