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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Message Is Clear

Apparently, it is perfectly permissible for the Christian evangelists (some of them making millions of dollars each year), the Christian theologians, and the Christian religion newswriters in the United States to be paid hundreds of millions, or tens of billions of dollars over the past 40 years for preserving the metaphysical doctrines of Christian theology which are of such crucial significance in validating the metaphysical doctrines of Islamic theology; and, thereby, assisting significantly in both the creation of ISIS and the emergence of Islamic terrorism as a clear and present danger to the very survival of human civilization itself:

All of this is well within the realm of what is considered to be ‘acceptable’.

On the other hand, it is also becoming increasingly clear that, to the Christian evangelists, the Christian theologians, the Christian religion newswriters—and tens of millions of Christian religionists—someone with such a Knowledge of Truth does not have the right to even so much as survive. (And, while Israel whines MIGHTILY about people denying its ‘right to exist’, the media officials, the politicians and the religious officials of Israel clearly seek the DEATH of anyone with a Knowledge of Truth.)

Over the past few months, and from dozens of the major countries around the world, there have been tens of thousands of page views of the writings on this website; by people who, apparently, recognize that I am telling the Truth; but who are unwilling to read these writings unless they are free (as if it is actually possible to make a living—much less, become richin this civilization by teaching the Truth).

Thus, despite those tens of thousands of page views, there has not been ONE person willing to contribute $25 for a book which presents a detailed refutation of the almost 2000 years of LIES of Christian theology.

Not even so much as ONE person.

Clearly, a vicious and blood-thirsty attempt is being made to exterminate Truth from the face of the earth...

By 9,998 out of 10,000 media officials, politicians and religious officials.

But it is more than that.

That hatred is also directed at the person who has a Knowledge of Truth.

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