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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Letter to Bishop John M. D’Arcy
Sent By Certified Mail,
Return Receipt Received

April 17, 2006

Bishop John M. D’Arcy
Diocese of South Bend-Fort Wayne
P.O. Box 390
Fort Wayne, IN 46801

Bishop D’Darcy,

On behalf of the Catholic elementary school children of this diocese who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; and, in response to the baseless, malicious, and possibly libelous complaint which she has filed against me with the Indiana Attorney General (a copy of which is enclosed), I would like to register a complaint against (name deleted), one of your employees in the Diocesan Education Office in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Enclosed is a copy of the reply which I recently sent to the Indiana Attorney General to address the ‘concerns’ raised by (name deleted); most of which appear to be a consequence of her abject inability, despite her claim to have a Masters Degree in nursing, to grasp even the simplest and most basic elements of the research which I have posted to my website at:

As a graduate of Holy Cross Elementary School in 1963, whose Sisters of the Holy Cross contributed significantly to my ethical formation, my goal is to bring my research, for free, to the attention of the parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD, many of whom have desperate concerns about the serious side-effects of many of the drugs which are typically prescribed to control these children’s behaviors instead of addressing any of the possible root causes of this condition. And, inasmuch as the mainstream media is extremely reluctant to publicize any research which threatens the profits of the pharmaceutical companies—and, for that reason, tends to censor, distort and/or ridicule evidence in support of the practice of alternative, complementary, or integrative medicine—the most efficient way for me to bring this research to the attention of the Catholic parents in this diocese is by giving slide presentations to the Parent-Teacher Associations. Thus, (name deleted)'s refusal, based upon her rank ignorance of, specifically, the scientific validity of my research, to allow me even so much as the opportunity to give slide presentations of my research, for free, to the PTAs in this diocese, constitutes an egregious and disgraceful disservice to both these children who have been placed under her ‘care’ and their parents.

Of particular concern, however, is not merely (name deleted)'s apparent lack of any concern whatsoever for the truth—as demonstrated by the fact that many of the statements she has made are false if not bald-faced lies; but, also, her utterly bizarre and disgraceful accusation that I am ‘trying to capitalize on the recent publicity about the recognized medication and some negative side-effects’; which, while a tacit admission that these drugs have serious side-effects, is, to her ‘understanding’ however, insufficient to justify that the parents of these children either be provided with any contrary information, or be given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether there is any scientific validity to my research. Nor did (name deleted) even go to the trouble—as she readily admits—of even so much as talking with Janice Smith, M.D. prior to the filing of her scurrilous complaint against both of us with the Indiana Attorney General. (Had she done so, she may very well have discovered that the Director of the residency program at Memorial Hospital in South Bend—that is, someone who is ‘above her pay grade’ in terms of medical knowledge—has a somewhat different view of Iridology than she does.)

And I suggest that her decision to prevent the Catholic parents of this diocese from even so much as being informed of my research, without expending any serious effort to determine, first, the validity of my research; and, moreover, her decision to file such a malicious complaint against me with the Indiana Attorney General, raise serious questions as to whether she has either sufficient medical knowledge or the ethical integrity to perform the job she currently holds in the Diocesan Education Office.

Finally, in a further attempt to be given the opportunity to give slide presentations of my research to the Parent-Teacher Associations of the Catholic elementary schools in the South Bend area, I would be willing to give you a slide presentation of my research at your earliest convenience the next time you are in South Bend.

With the hope that this issue will be resolved to the ultimate benefit of the Catholic elementary school children and their parents in this diocese…


Michael Cecil
Certified Iridologist and Nutritional Counselor


1) A copy of the complaint filed by (name deleted) with the Indiana Attorney General

2) A copy of my reply

3) My business card

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