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Thursday, May 26, 2016

To the Media
In South Bend, Indiana*

May 26, 2016

Sir or Madam,

On the evening of May 24, 2016, the attached information (including birth certificate) was faxed to the Washington, D.C. offices of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Washington, D.C. embassies of Egypt and Russia, and the Syrian embassy in Brasilia, Brazil (unable to contact the Syrian embassy in Ottawa, Canada).

(The Washington, D.C. embassy of Israel received only the first three pages of that fax, but did not receive the fax of the birth certificate.)

And, on May 25, 2016, copies of the letter to the Board of Directors of the South Bend Mosque were delivered by hand to three synagogues and seven churches in the South Bend area...

During which time there has occurred a resumption of the military violence between the political entity known as Israel and the people of Gaza.

For the purpose of bringing about, as soon as possible, a significant reduction in inter-religious conflict and violence between and among Jews, Christians and Muslims, then, we await a phone call from you at your earliest convenience, God willing, in order to initiate a discussion on how the media in the South Bend area can begin to publicize the Truth about the Revelations and Prophecies in the Torah, the Prophets (also including the Book of Daniel), the Gospels and the Quran in opposition to the metaphysical doctrines of Jewish, Christian and Islamic theology.

For further information, see:

*Copies of this message—with copies of the fax and birth certificate—were delivered by hand to the offices of WNDU-TV (574-284-3016), the South Bend Tribune (574-235-6161) and WSBT-TV (574-233-3141) on May 26, 2016.

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