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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Donations Accepted

Please notice the Donation button above.

Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are contributed to the support of the monotheistic religious establishment.

Each year, billions of dollars are exchanged, easily and without question, for the lies and distractions of Jewish, Christian and Muslim theology; that money enabling hundreds of thousands of monotheistic religious officials to live quite comfortably; and a not an insignificant number of Christian evangelists, for example, to live in million dollar mansions (or, even, purchase a Cessna Citation).

(This despite the fact that Jesus said “Freely you have received; freely give.”)

And all of this despite the fact that it is precisely the pleasurable lies of the monotheistic theologies—for which it is only natural to exchange money—which are at the foundation of the terrorism and warfare that now threaten the very survival of human civilization itself.

In addition, tens or hundreds of millions of dollars more are being spent around the world on ‘countering violent extremism’ programs; the fundamental premise of which is that precisely those doctrines of the monotheistic theologies which cause conflict, violence and terrorism must not in any way be threatened.

On the other hand, money does not come so easily to those who have been given the responsibility to convey Truth irrespective of whether or not they receive compensation.

I encourage those who recognize the Truth in the writings on this website to contribute—God willing, on a regular basis—to the preservation of the Truth.

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