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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ignorant, Irresponsible Politicians...
& a Media that PREVENTS
the Rebuttal of NONSENSE

Not that I pay all that much attention to the statements of politicians to begin with—after all, narcissist politicians typically accuse other narcissist politicians of being, exclusively, the source of ALL evil in the world; ‘conveniently’ ignoring, of course, the role of both the media (by censorship of Truth) and the monotheistic religious officials in the creation of evil (a delusion which the media is, of course, unwilling to question); but my guess is that every current candidate for President of the United States has made one statement or another about ‘defeating ISIS’ which does not in ANY way possess even so much as ONE point of contact with reality; statements which are, instead, certifiably NONSENSICAL inasmuch as they categorically IGNORE not only (literally) ALL of Islamic theology; but, also, the fundamental Revelations received by Mohammed, Jesus, Isaiah and Moses.

(Thus, while Trump, unlike some other candidates, may very well be at least willing to use the term “radical Islamic extremism”; there are NO indications, as of yet, that he would be willing to use the much more accurate terms of “Islamic (Jewish or Christian) DEATH cult theology”; or that he has ANY idea at all about how to defeat ISIS IDEOLOGY.)

And, while everyone is required to ignore something at one time or another—for example, both The Art of War and the LIES of the monotheistic theologians can safely be ignored by a politician who is baking a pie—the politicians’ determined ignorance of both Revelation and Islamic theology in their efforts (?) to ‘defeat ISIS’ is, in fact, downright dangerous to both human life and the national security of the United States; even if it is the determined and specific policy of the media to IGNORE that ignorance.

The question, then, is whether ANY media—in other words, not only any media in the United States; but, also, any international media (in Russia, India, or China, for example) will even so much as ALLOW the certifiably nonsensical statements of these United States politicians to be rebutted AT ALL by someone who has a Knowledge of both the Revelations in the Quran and their contradiction by the metaphysical doctrines of the Islamic DEATH cult religion.

And a second question is whether even the ‘moderate’ Jewish, Christian, or Muslim religious officials have ANY interest at all in allowing the nonsensical statements of these politicians to be effectively rebutted.

To which the answer is, of course, NOT AT ALL:

Any effective rebuttal of the statements of these politicians would necessarily include not only a detailed examination of how ALL of the monotheistic DEATH cult theologies—Zionist, Zionist-Christian and Islamic—contribute to EVIL in the world; but, also, how the media has, in fact, CREATED these evils through both the censorship of Truth and the relentless and unopposed propagation of those theologies.

Thus, all indications are that, whoever is elected President of the United States, that person will have been elected without any widespread awareness that his (or her) certifiably NONSENSICAL statements about ISIS—which, of course, can lead ONLY to a witless, feckless and disastrous POLICY with regards to ISIS—can and already have been effectively rebutted...

Just as, similarly, there is NO widespread awareness that Jewish, Christian and Muslim theologys certifiably NONSENSICAL interpretation of the Doctrine of “the resurrection” has already been effectively rebutted.

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