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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Freedom of the Press”
National Security*

The Constitutional provision of “freedom of the press” in the United States is not absolute.

For example, an editor of a newspaper can be prosecuted for publishing information which, for national security reasons, has been classified “Top Secret”.

But what about the threat posed by Islamic terrorism, ISIS, the Islamic State, or Daesh?

Does that threat not constitute a clear and present danger to the lives of individual Americans, as well as a significant threat to the national security of the United States?

Of course it does.

But how are the ideologies of Islamic terrorism propagated?

By the media:

First, by the universal publicizing—unquestioned, unchallenged and without fear of contradiction—of the metaphysical doctrines of the DEATH cult monotheistic clericalisms:

and, secondly, by the censorship of Truth:

Thus, while it is only appropriate that editors of newspapers in the United States be prosecuted for PUBLISHING classified information which threatens the national security of the United States, I would argue that it would also be only appropriate that editors of newspapers in the United States be prosecuted for REFUSING to publish information which would DIMINISH both the threat of Islamic terrorism to individual American lives as well as to the national security of the United States.

But, to the ‘liberal’ mentality, of course, this makes no sense.

On the contrary, the ‘liberal’ mentality is DESPERATE to preserve “freedom of the press” in the United States; regardless of whether that “freedom of the press” results in innumerable deaths of Americans by Islamic terrorists...

But, at the same time, preservingNOT coincidentally, the ECONOMIC interests of those DEATH cult monotheistic clericalisms.

*I suggest that all readers send a link to this article and the following article to the editors of their local newspapers.

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