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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Final E-Mail to an Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi


It seems fairly obvious to me that, in two thousand years, nothing has really changed.

You have precisely the same mentality as the Pharisees—the Zionist rabbis of today are much more like the Sadducees—who demanded the death of Jesus.

I agree with you completely that what you are talking about is Judaism. On that point, there is no disagreement between us at all. Your beliefs are what Judaism is; the beliefs of every rabbi—Zionist or anti-Zionist—with whom I have had the misfortune to communicate over the past 38 years.

But what I am saying, like Jesus, is that that Judaism is a flagrant violation of the Torah (and the Revelations received by all of the prophets of the monotheistic religions); something that is not in conformity with the Revelations; but has, instead, been created by the ‘fallen’, dualistic (“beast of the earth”) consciousness of the ‘thinker’ as a pleasurable substitute for the Truth.

Your statement about rewards and punishments in an ‘afterlife’ existence is an in-your-face violation of the Revelations set out in the Torah. But this is not something that rises to the level of any ‘disagreement’ between us. It is a question of being blind to something that is right in front of your eyes (in Chapter 28 of Deuteronomy). (Similarly, if we both see a cat, we can agree or disagree that the cat is either black or white; but, if you are unable even to see the cat in the first place, we can neither agree nor disagree on what its color is.) In other words, your denial of this Revelation in the Torah is not even rational or logical anymore; it exists exclusively at the level of immediate perception (and consciousness): the inability to recognize the words of Truth when you see or hear them.

I fully realize that you pride yourself—self-righteously so—that you are not an idolator as are the Zionists rabbis; but, in fact, your belief in the ‘god of the dead’ doctrine of “the resurrection” is no less idolatrous, no less insidious, no less virulent—and no less disastrous for the Jewish people—than Zionist idolatry.

In any case, stay tuned.

The Vision and the Prophecies of the “time of trouble” that I received are certain.

Your mentality—the mentality of every Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious ‘authority’ I have encountered—has already caused the deaths of millions of people across the Middle East over the past 40 years. And, from the Vision I received, it will soon result in the loss of tens or hundreds of millions of human lives—all for the purpose of preserving the wretched egos of you IDIOT religious ‘authorities’.

And my guess is that, when that happens, you will say—if, that is, you are still alive—that you are not in any way responsible for this violence and these horrors...

When it will be people exactly like you who will have caused that bloodshed in the first place.

Of course, Daniel already Prophesied that “these words will remain secret and sealed until the time of the End” and that “the wicked will never understand [not even after those Truths have been explained to them]; the wise will understand.”

But that is the reason why you rabbis deny that Daniel was a prophet in the first place:

You simply
refuse to acknowledge even the possibility that there is a Truth which you rabbis do not already know.

Michael (Daniel 12:1 & Sura 2:98)

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