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Monday, May 25, 2015

“Division Is the Work
of the Father of Lies.”
—Pope Francis

This statement is precisely correct.

But this is not an instance of ‘even a stopped clock is right twice a day’.

On the contrary, this is nothing more than rhetoric; an instance of words being said for the purpose of stopping thought altogether; thus demonstrating a refusal to pursue a thought to its natural conclusion and, possibly, a deeper awareness and understanding of the Truth.

Duality, division, conflict and violence are precisely the work of both the “great dragon, the primeval serpent, known as the devil or Satan who had deceived all the world” (Revelations 12:9) and its ‘agents’: the ‘fallen’, dualistic consciousness of the “self” (the “beast of the sea”) and the ‘thinker’ (the “beast of the earth”).

But, if such a statement is to be taken seriously, it leads necessarily to an important question:

What is the specific source, then, of the divisions between Jews, Christians and Muslims?

And the answer to that question is quite simple:

The denial of the Revelational continuity between the Torah, the Prophets, the Gospels and the Quran.

For example, the denial that Chapter 28 of Deuteronomy implies a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’; and that Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus and Mohammed specifically taught “the resurrection” as ‘Rebirth’; and the denial that the “Tree of Life” (Genesis 3:24) is the same Vision as the Vision of the “Son of man” and the “Night Journey”.

Preserving these denials and censoring these Truths, then, are, in fact, the work of the father of lies.

And the work of the “dragon”-media, the “false prophet” monotheistic religious ‘authorities’ and “the beast” politicians (Revelations 16:13) who are pushing this civilization into the “time of trouble”.

Michael (Chapter 12, verse 1 of the Book of Daniel, Sura 2, verse 98 of the Quran, Column XVII of the Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light & Chapter 3, verse 12 of the Revelation of John) and

Sarah-->Elijah-->John the Baptist-->Mohammed-->Elizabeth (Chapter 12, verse 13 of the Book of Daniel and Chapter 11, verse 14 & Chapter17, verses 10-13 of the Gospel of Matthew) for:

Seven Women, Seven Churches and Seven Sisters )

Hagar-->the apostle Mary-->Danielle (1982-1987)

(March, 1987—the

Isaac-->the apostle John-->Robin (1986)

Ishmael-->the apostle Peter-->Cindy (1992)

Jacob-->the apostle Thomas-->Linda (1987-

Esau-->the apostle, Judas-->Susan (1970)

Isaiah’s wife-->the apostle James-->Kimberly (2000-

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