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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Lies of the
Anti-Zionist Jews

Anti-Zionist, false prophet Jews like the Neturei Karta, Jews Not Zionists, and True Torah Jews (sic!) are, of course, the ‘darlings’ of such ‘alternative’, “dragon”-media websites as; the fundamental goal of which is to preserve, perpetuate and escalate the conflict of the dualities for the purpose of directly inciting the genocidal violence of the coming “time of trouble” (Chapter 12, verse 1 of the Book of Daniel and Chapter 16, verse 13 of the Revelation of John).

And, while they are correct in their fundamentally trivial assessment that Zionism is a flagrant contradiction of the Torah (well, duuuhhhhh); they are, unbeknownst to themselves, worshipers of the Egyptian ‘god of the dead’ (Chapter 20, verse 38 of the Gospel of Luke) because of their denial—and it is a venomous denial—that “the resurrection” is a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’.

Some two thousand years ago, these anti-Zionist Jews were known as the Pharisees; at which time they insisted that Jesus die for teaching “the resurrection” as a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’.

But, make no mistake about it, the anti-Zionist Jews of today are willing not only that one person should die for teaching the Truth about “the resurrection”...

Being no different than the Zionists, the Romans, the Christian Fundamentalists, the Shiites or the Sunnis, they are fully prepared to exterminate this entire civilization in order to preserve the same perverse theology—the same ignorance of the Torah—held to by the Jewish religious ‘authorities’ immediately prior to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Diaspora.

In some two thousand years, then, it is obvious that the Jewish religious ‘authorities’ have learned nothing.

And, in the context of the Prophecy that My people perish for lack of Knowledge, this does NOT bode well for the future.

Michael (Chapter 12, verse 1 of the Book of Daniel, Sura 2, verse 98 of the Quran, Column XVII of the Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light & Chapter 3, verse 12 of the Revelation of John) and

(Seven Women, Seven Churches and Seven Sisters )

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