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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

For My Mother, Mary

Dear Mom,

You never really understood the manuscript that I wrote maybe 20 years ago (still unpublished) on the Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light and its relationship to the Prophecies of Daniel.

And, to my sorrow to this day, it was not His Will that you live to see either the publication of any of my writings (which would have been so much of a comfort to you, as it was to Joseph):

(not published until the March, 2011 issue of The Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research); or the fulfillment of even so much as one of the Prophecies that I had received; which, to my sorrow, but more to your sorrow, I had no choice but to tell you.

But you were my mother.

I could not close my heart to you.

And you, of all women, deserved at least my honesty and to be told the Truth…

Even though you never really knew that I was not lying to you.

Even though, as a mother, you were never really certain that the memories of those previous lives and the Prophecies that I had told you about were not, in fact, much worse than lies.

And, to this day, I still remember your eyes; eyes which were the most horrifyingly sorrowing eyes I have ever seen—at least, in part, because of what I had no choice but to tell you…

Hoping that you would live to see that I had not lied to you and would never lie to you.

In my heart forever, Mom.

For: Rachel-->Mary-->Mary (March 23, 1922-September 10, 1997)


Michael [Daniel 12:1, Column XVII of 1QM, 4Q529 (!.html)] Revelations 3:12 & Sura 2:98]