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Monday, October 13, 2014

For the Historical Record

The writings on my websites, the recordings on my 4Q529 YouTube channel, my writings to Twitter over the past several weeks (@MichaElizabeth), and the book that I published in 2007 are all elements of the historical record to demonstrate that I was here and that I tried.

After 38 years, however, I was unable to find even so much as one media official, one politician, or one Jewish, Christian, or Muslim religious ‘authority’—out of the more than ten thousand that had been contacted over that time—capable of recognizing that I had told them the Truth about not only the Knowledge Revealed through the Vision of the “Son of man” and the Revelation of “the resurrection”; but, also, the Visions/Prophecies I had received of the coming “time of trouble”.

Not even one.

I have returned either hundreds or thousands of years too late to prevent the vicious, blood-thirsty, pandemic perversion of the Revelations by the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious authorities’; but, at the same time, probably thousands of years too soon to encounter any more than just a few people—who could probably be counted on the fingers of one hand—capable of recognizing that I am telling the Truth.

It has now been almost 40 years since I received the first Vision/Prophecy of the coming “time of trouble” Prophesied by Daniel; at which time I was so utterly horrified at the destruction and bloodshed I had seen that, for just a few seconds, I completely lost consciousness.

As a result of the unrelenting viciousness of those who I have attempted to warn of these Revelations and Prophecies over the past 38 years, however, I am now no longer horrified.

I am merely waiting.

Michael (Chapter 12, verse 1 of the Book of Daniel, Sura 2, verse 98 of the Quran, Column XVII of the Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light & Chapter 3, verse 12 of the Revelation of John) and

(Seven Women, Seven Churches and Seven Sisters )

Sarah-->Elijah-->Daniel-->John the Baptist-->Mohammed-->Elizabeth
(my wife) for:

Hagar-->the apostle Mary-->Danielle (1982)

(March, 1987—the

Isaac-->the apostle John-->Robin (1986)

Ishmael-->the apostle Peter-->Cindy (1992)

Jacob-->the apostle Thomas-->Linda (1987-

Esau-->the apostle, Judas-->Susan (1970)

Isaiah’s wife-->the apostle James-->Kimberly (2000-

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