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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reply To A Reptilian ‘Psychiatrist’

A “fugue state”, huh?

Let me explain something to you.

You think that such a statement is really, really, really clever. You think it demonstrates a deep level of intellectual accomplishment by a ‘thinker’. But its structure originates in the “beast of the sea” consciousness of the “self”/“not self”, or the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”.

You, as a dualistic, ‘fallen’ consciousness, are perceiving information which is wholly other than what you are accustomed to perceiving, It is different and previously unknown. It comes from somewhere outside of where 99.99999% of your other experience comes from. It is not sensation or emotion or perception of the space-time reality. And it does not conform to the requirements or structures of the thoughts of a ‘thinker’ ...

And so it must be EVIL.

So, you search your books and memory for a word to describe that EVIL. You cant say “possessed by demons” or “heretic” or “witch” anymore because those terms are impolitic and have no traction. So, you appeal to the “coin of the realm” for the determination of truth; that is, the ‘science’ of psychiatry...

And VIOLA: you come up with some quasi-intellectual term to describe that EVIL.

The only thing you are REALLY saying is that what I say is not PLEASURABLE to you.

This is not really any different than a worm trying to get away when someone is trying to put it on a hook.

The remainder is nothing more than BS.

When you attempt to perceive reality through the dualistic consciousness, it is like looking with a kaleidoscope. You see pretty colors—those are the emotions and the sensations of pleasure and pain, fear and desire; and you see prisms that bend light in many directions; those are your a prior assumptions, logical conclusions and the structure of time itself.

When someone comes along and tries to take away your “toy” from you—tries to tell you to look at reality without your kaleidoscope—you are fearful and outraged at the loss of your pretty colors and your distortions of light.

So, in your ‘brilliance’ —and, as an effort at preserving your view through the kaleidoscope—you say “fugue state”.

My, oh my, such a PRETTY, PRETTY color that is.

Go ahead. Pleasure yourself by looking at your PRETTY, PRETTY colors.

But you are not looking at the reality here.


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