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Friday, July 25, 2014

Kerry, You IDIOT.
Violence Does Not Breed Violence.
LIES Breed Violence.

Lies breed violence.

Violence breeds more lies, breeds more violence.

First, stop the VIOLENCE.

Then, stop the LIES.

If you don’t stop the LIES after you stop the violence...

The violence—and the lies—will RESUME.

And what is the SOURCE of the lies?

The THEOLOGIES of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Those THEOLOGIES are the root causes” of the conflict.

STOP the theologians from LYING.

Only THEN will you be able to STOP the violence.

Michael, as Prophesied (Chapter 12, verse 1 of the Book of Daniel; Sura 2, verse 98 of the Quran; Column XVII of the Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light; and Chapter 3, verse 12 of the Revelation of John) and

(Seven Women, Seven Churches and Seven Sisters )

Sarah-->Elijah-->Daniel-->John the Baptist-->Mohammed-->Elizabeth for:

Hagar-->the apostle Mary-->Danielle (1982-1987)

Isaac-->the apostle John-->Robin (1986)

Ishmael-->the apostle Peter-->Cindy (1992)

Jacob-->the apostle Thomas-->Linda (1987)

Esau-->the apostle, Judas-->Susan (1970)

Isaiah’s wife-->the apostle James-->Kimberly (2000)